Our Daily Round

My first year homeschooling I set up a fabulous schedule...that didn't work! I had to revamp the whole thing. Since then I have learned to set up a plan for the day that compliments our families daily rhythm.

We begin our school day at 8:30 each day and then follow the daily schedule from there. You might notice there are no specific times on the schedule with the exception of our start time. This allows for a bit of breathing room. If I write down 8:30-9:30 for math then I am stressed if we are not done exactly at 9:30 as is my oldest child. Plus I feel behind the rest of the day. Instead we finish everything we have to do for the day in each subject area before moving on to the next subject. I also intentionally build in lots of room for movement in between lessons. I have found both children do better with a longer school day with sufficient breaks. My son has taught me that boys (and some girls) simply cannot sit still if they have not had an opportunity to get all of their wiggles out first.

Here is our basic schedule. I keep school time 'sacred' and don't answer the phone, text, etc. (I am easily distracted:) We are usually done between 2 and 3. Since my children are four years apart we do a lot of parallel learning. Aiden might work at the table with pattern blocks while I give direct math instruction to Elle. Then I might play a math game with Aiden while Elle works on her independent math work for the day. I explain this in more detail in the curriculum section, but basically both children are working on the same subject but at their level.

We eat breakfast, do our bible study and ride bikes in the morning before we begin school. Then we do calendar time to begin our school day.

             1. Math  (approximately 1 hour)
             2. Playground Time/Free Play
             3. Reading and Writing Workshop for Elle/Alphabet Adventure for Aiden (1 1/2 - 2 hours)
             4. Lunch and Swimming
             5. History or Geography (I alternate)
             6. Game Time
             7. Science
             8. Playground Time/Free Play
             9. Creative Time (This is when we do things like art, crafts, pretend play etc.)