Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Letter B

We had fun reviewing the letter B this week.  We made a river out of aluminum foil and put the hose on drizzle so Aiden could sail his boats down it. I found this cute idea at the adorable Camo and Bows blog.

Aiden enjoyed working in his letter B Activity Book throughout the week.  


We read, 'Going on a Bear Hunt' while Aiden acted the story out using the pictures from his letter B pretend play packet.

After the story,  Elle and Aiden packed up for their own bear hunt. As you can see Aiden was completely fierce about the whole thing. They were thrilled to find that this bear had a treat for them.


B is for Barista! I love coffee way too much, so we made coffee playdoh recipe that we found on the wonderful Tot Treasures blog and the children pretended to be Baristas. This was a fun way to practice  money recognition for Aiden and making change for Elle. Elle talked Aiden into serving her dolls...I am sure in another year or so there will be no way that's happening.

We listened to the Beatles this week and the children drew what they thought an Octopus' Garden would look like.

And of course we couldn't listen to the Beatles without drawing some yellow submarines:)                          Aiden arranged his shark so it was eating a fish. So much for peace and love.

We read the hilarious Shel Silverstein poem, 'Band-Aides' and Aiden put band-aides on Yogi Bear (my old bear from when I was his age...awww!) I used bandage tape so I did not use up our entire box of band-aids! This was a great way to review body parts too. Aiden is looking appropriately sad at Yogi's terrible misfortune in the picture below...great bedside manner!

We played with balloons and bubbles. Sometimes I forget that the simplest things in life are the most fun when you are three...

Aiden and Elle made some birds with the feathers I have had sitting in the craft corner forever. This craft somehow ended with feather's all over my kitchen floor.

Aiden is absolutely obsessed with glow sticks, so I let him take a bubble-bath with them and turn out the lights. He thought it was the greatest thing ever and would have stayed in the tub until they stopped glowing if I would have let him.

Finally, we planned Elle's 8th Birthday together! Which is why this blog post is being posted in the middle of the letter C week:)